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Best and Worst : Jason Adriani (Milan, Italy to Southern California)


Los Angeles, Ca.

Top 3 places visited in USA :

- Grand Canyon south rim

- Echo Park, LA

- Joshua Tree Park

Top 3 worst places visited in USA :

- Las Vegas

- Las Vegas

- Las Vegas

Top 3 best places to eat in USA :

- Taco Stand, La Jolla (best fish taco ever)

- Mini Ribs, Joshua Tree Saloon (such a Classic American spot)

- Desano Pizza, true Italian pizza in LA

Top 3 worst places to eat in USA :

- Bubba Gump

- Taco Bell (depressing tacos)

- Iberia Airlines

Top 3 best places to skated in USA :

- Moorpark, Simi Valley

- Paradise Park, San Diego

- Perfect Down rail that Jon Fromm drive me to in SD

Top 3 worst places to skated in USA :

- None

- None

- None

Top 3 best parts about traveling :

- Dreaming to move in Cali, maybe soon?!..

- Passing through different and new landscapes

- Tasting new food

Top 3 worst parts about traveling :

- Traffic

- Working emails you can't skip

- Missing real Italian Trofie Al Pesto (My favorite)

Top 3 best songs you play on the road :

- Kings of convenience: Misread

- Jose Gonzales: Step Outside

- Neil Young: My My Hey Hey

Top 3 worst songs you heard on the road :

- Everything Justin Bieber

- Everything Gigi D'Alessio

- Drake featuring Rhianna : Too Good

Top 3 best things about Southern Ca. skate spots :

- Weather

- Run up & landings

- People stopping by saying blading is cool

Top 3 worst things about Southern Ca. skate spots :

- Police

- Skate stops everywhere

- Police

Top 3 best things you recommend to have on the road :

- Iphone charger

- Google Map

- Music

Top 3 worst things you recommend not to have on the road :

- Tickets

- Run out of gas (happen to me all the times)

- Traffic jams

Top 3 things you miss about Italy :

- Food

- Family

- Food

Top 3 things you don’t miss about Italy :

- Soccer

- Tv trash

- Bad spots

Top 3 best places to eat in Italy :

- Zio Pesce, Milan. typical Italian seafood restaurant.

- L'altra Taverna, Milan. Best pizza in town.

- Gelateria Della Musica, Milan. Such an amazing ice cream!!

Top 3 worst places to eat in Italy :

- It's really hard to find a worst food spot here in Italy. From north to south every single region has it's own flavor and taste and I can tell you that is really good!!!

Top 3 best skate spots in Italy :

- Ciro Emilio rail in Naples

- Everything in Rome

- Idroscalo, Milan. The Skatepark where I started blading

Top 3 worst skate spots in Italy :

There are not many. I would say only Parco Lambro Bowl in Milan, all the skateboarders are going there. Well, actually it's not that bad so we can blade and wax all the other bowls.

Top Acid San Diego, Ca.

 Los Angeles, Ca.

Manhattan Beach, Ca.



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