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Best and Worst with Billy O'Neill



Top 3 Best bands/musicians
Duke ellington (w/all star band or max roach)
Captain beyond

Top 3 worst bands/musicians 
Pearl jam (dude’s voice)
Die antwoord (please die, die antwoord)
Bay area hyphy music (are they serious?)

Top 3 best things about NYC 
The natives (best people)
The food (pizza, bagels, etc)
24 hour everything

Top 3 worst things about NYC
The winter
High cost of living

People moving to Brooklyn from their native Midwestern "or Southern" home state, acting like they are from there, going to all the hip bars and gluten free vegan shops that never existed until they showed up, while making the rent higher for natives, forcing them to move out, all so you can sit there, and feel cultured..and then, when someone asks you where you are from, you get to feel real special by saying “bed-stuy”….FUCKKKK YOU, i want to fight all of you

Top 3 best things about California
Taqueria #2 california burrito in long beach
No winter ever, unless you wanna drive to it
Proposition 215

Top 3 worst things about California
Drought :(
No pizza

Top 3 best places to travel

Top 3 worst places to travel

As long as you’re traveling, it’s all good, even if the place sucks. Overly religious places in the world, like the bible belt or Turkey, can be a pain because of the people, but even in those places, the countryside and other offerings that are available are absolutely beautiful. every place is good, keep traveling.**

Top 3 tricks
DL, 540 - BFG
Aaron, soul 180 - words
Montre, a/o soul the bench 360 monster drop off - ?

Worst 3 tricks 
(this will be general to not offend, so i’ll make this “blading no-no’s)

Stepping on grinds or wall rides…jump
Trying to make your blading look like exists and it sucks
Running around things with your blades on…use your wheels

Top 3 videos ever

Mindgame (1+2)
No Limits
The apple that fell from the tree (most unique blade vid ever)

Top 3 worst 3 videos ever

Top 3 Best skates
Ufs thrones

Top 3 worst skates
USD carbon’s (a personal choice, because i cant do soft boots)
Anything too bulky

Top 3 Best things about being a blader

Tight-knit community
Blading is fun
If you blade, you never have to go to the gym.

Top 3 worst things about being a blader

Occassionally, you have to check someone for talking shit
The older i get, the softer blading is becoming…thats a bummer
We still haven’t made ourselves a home yet

Top 3 blader do’s

Skate hard…represent for yourself and all the people that have bladed before you

Be proud…in our modern culture, blading isn’t cool…so what? turn on the radio and flip through the stations..we are living in the middle of a time where nothing is since everything is lame around us, and all those people who are lame thinks that blading is lame, just know that you can’t be judged…be free

Have fun…that’s the point of this whole thing anyway

Top 3 blader do not’s

stop talking shit…stop that, it’s pathetic…don’t hate on people’s skating.. help them, support them, inspire them…..bottom line, you aren’t DL and 15 years ago that guy was skating better than 99% of the people now (bar AB), so don’t act better than anyone…skate harder, everyone

don’t be intimidated….yea, there’s 100 skateboarders in the skatepark and no bladers…so what? be bold. boldness gets chicks.

don’t skate slow….faster is better.

thanks for reading


Roof top air in Los Angeles, Ca. Photo: Miguel Ramos

Alley oop fish Photo: Miguel Ramos


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  • boris on

    Cool inside, not your typical short top3. thanks Themgoods and Fish!

  • ugie baldy on

    im glad that you still shreddin sir.. i owe you big time.. when my ankle broke i read and see your video.. so, im back..

  • Jasen Richard on

    Disagree w/ the Pearl Jam dis- but I evolved to like them. Agree w/ most else. Good points on the blader do’s and dont’s.

  • Come On! on

    Theres Valos that look like vans and your homies dig skateboarding, on the bulky part you rode ssm’s and those were blocks… this is straight up contradicting.

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