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Best and Worst with Marc Moreno


Royale Cess Slide

Best and Worst with Marc Moreno
Photography: Angel de la Iglesia 

Best bladers all time in BCN

- Alexis Ecija. He pretty much opened the doors for the next generations
- Samu de Vila. Sick ass guy from back in the days who got the best clips in the Spanish section from TBTV 4, rumours say he introduced the truespins in Spain)
- Christian Tuazón. He was so anticipated to anybody skating a mini ramp

Best Bladers of All Time in Europe
- Oli Short
- Jona Messerli
- Gabriel Hyden

Best Bladers of All Time
- Brian Shima
- Dustin Latimer
- Charles Dunkle

Worst Bladers of All Time
- There's no good or bad, but there's blading difficult to watch. Romain Godenaire for example


Best spots in BCN
- Anywhere with the van full of homies, but to be more precise... any bank in the city

Worst spots in BCN
- Forum, it smells like decomposed body
- Barceloneta
- Paral·lel


Best Videos
- Face the music
- What do you believe in
- Back in the day

Worst Videos
- Universal Trash
- Legacy video
- Can't think about anything more aberrant then Universal Trash 

Best Bands
- Sabbath
- Captain Beyond
- Mountain

Worst Bands:
- Simply Red
- R.E.M
- Bon Jovi

Best Tricks :
- Wallrides
- Topsouls
- 540s
Worst Tricks:
I don't think there are bad tricks, it's more like there are bad executions

Best Skates:
- Nimhs
- V13
- Razors

Worst Skates
-USD Legacy
-USD ufs throne

Disaster Fish

Best Brands
- Mindgame
- Vicous
- 4X4

Worst Brands
- Famous wheels
- Grindhouse (as a clothing brand)
- Stygma

Blader Do's and Don'ts
- Use it to impress chicks
- Be proud
- Learn how to skate backwards before any hurricane

Do not's:
- Pretend is not important for you
- Expect anything from it
- Get lazy and switch to big wheels


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