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Best and Worst with PATRICK RIDDER

Best and Worst with Patrick Ridder

3 bands you hate
Red hot chili peppers
Black eyed peas
Lil Wayne

3 bands you love
A tribe called quest
J Dilla

Top 3 Bladers of all time
It's hard to reduce them on 3 so I give you a longer list of people who I enjoy watching the most and always impress me

Alex Broskow
Colin and Sean kelso
Jon Julio
David Sizemore
Matt Luda
Mathias St. John
Nick labarre
Andrew Nemiroski
Sean Darst
But if I should name a personal best of all time it might be
Jon Julio
Alex Broskow
Colin Kelso

Top 3 worse Bladers of all time
Me 10 years ago
Me 10 years ago
And everyone who tries too hard

Top 3 blades of all time
Valo boot
Salomon st 8

Frankfurt, Germany
Photo: David Sizemore

Top 3 worst blades of all time
K2 fatty
USD grycon

Top 3 best places to eat in Germany
Ali's Döner in Mannheim
Falafel in Heidelberg
Burgermeister Berlin

Top 3 worse places to eat
Random Döner kebab places

Top 3 best places to travel

Top 3 worst places to travel
Winterclash cause it's cold and dusty. You'll always see me with a tissue there
Hamburg never liked it and the rain comes from the side.
North Pole cause ...yea it's North Pole.

Top 3 tricks
Top soul
Cess slides

Top 3 worst tricks
Sweat stance cause I can't do them
Cab driver will never look good
Royal to ao topsoul to step over acid.

Top 3 videos ever made
Brain fear gone
East cost vg

Top 3 worst videos ever made
Hoax 6
Kizer video

Top 3 best things about being a blader
Gives your mind and thoughts a break from that daily life struggle.
Being true to the game
Met my closest friends through blading.

Worst things about being a blader
Got to explain to outsiders that time has changed
Looking at goofy Bladers.
Having a poor industry.

Dos do nots

Do care about about what you love.
Keep your friends close.
Be proud to blade.
Understand how to roll before you try to skate hard.
But always do whatever feels good.

Do nots

stop caring about blading.
I've heard to many times that the great bladers  (people who could have or had and impact on other bladers or outsiders) stopped caring. It's just sad to hear.

say there's a right and wrong type of blading.
Do whatever you feel like as long as you feel good and don't be disrespectful.

Getting Butt Hurt for being called a fruitbooter by a guy who wears Nike sb and a monster energy snap back.

 Grabbed Topsoul - Santa Ana, Ca.


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