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TWG´s BisiN video - Marius Gaile

TWG are a group of young rippers from South Germany and West Austria. Refreshing to see these guys ripping the streets of Barcelona. Check out the full video edit and short story by Marius Gaile.

As we are pretty unknown  I'll use a few words about who we are first.

We are a group of young bladers from south Germany and west Austria known as the TWG crew.

Our diversity of tricks and styles is what we all really like about (TWG).

Back in August we spent almost two weeks in the streets of Barcelona filming, eating frozen pizza and drinking Aigua de ribes.
Some of us have never been to Barcelona before and were overwhelmed by the architecture and skate spots when we got there.
Perfectly waxed ledges and banks were a welcome change to the rough stuff we normaly have to skate.
We met up with Tony a couple of times who showed us all the famous street spots and a few more secret ones too. (thanks again Tony)
Our average session started at 2pm and ended up in late night skating or relaxing at the beach.

In the end we had A LOT of footage... and blisters

Greetings from Germany
Marius Gaile

BisiN Crew





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