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Boschi Pope Skate Off Gallery By Christian Delfino

Great times and great vibes at the 2017 Boschi Pope Skate Off. Huge thank you to Christian Delfino (photos) and Alex Ryerson for your help and hospitality! #Valo6 coming soon.

The man himself Boschi Pope. Thanks for a great weekend and congrats to another epic event. Can't wait till next year.


Tadd Labozzetta

Tadd Labozzetta - Backside

Tadd Labozzetta - Negative Mistrial

Alex Ryerson

Alex Ryerson - Back Royale

Alex Ryerson - Misfit

BFREE - True Top Acid

Sean Grossman - Sav

The man! - Ryan Loewy

Robbie Pitts - Mizu

Robbie Pitts - Topsoul


AB - Soul to Topsoul

AB - Backslide

Ivan Narez

 John Vossoughi

John Vossoughi - Backside

Boschi Pope

Victor Arias - Back Royale

Sean Grossman - Negative Soul

Alex Ryerson - Alleyoop Makio

BFREE - Gap over rail disaster soul

BFREE - Allleyoop Makio

Robbie Pitts - Makio Variation


Into the semis and finals...


AB - Air

Tadd Labozzetta - Stale

JJ - Top Mistrial

Alex Ryerson - Makio

Robbie Pitts

BFREE - 180 Over the Wall

JJ - Fish


AB - Shifty Air

BFREE - B Slide

AB - Over the Ledge

AB - Wally to Fish

AB - Fakie Illusion Fish

AB into 1st place!

AB $$


Whatt up Shawn!

Boschi Pope Skate Off Gallery By Christian Delfino (@christiandelfino)


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