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Them Fridays #1 A weekly collection of pics and clips with Jon Julio


Hi there...

Every Friday I'll be posting a weekly blog update here on
A behind the scenes look here at Themgoods.
Thanks for visiting.


It's been great having Dave Paine's office so close to Themgoods.
Just like the ol' days

I've been working on the Blading Cup daily.
Dave and I visited the after party/premiere (Chapter 2 Premiere) location
which will be across the street from the event site

The Underground
220 E 3rd StSanta Ana, CA

speaking of the Blading Cup event site...

Site lay out.. The trade show will be held right in front of the street course this year in the Yost Parking lot.

Online registration begins on October 5th for 17 & Under, Women, Veteran's Cup, and Pro division. Qualification Details will also be announced on the 5th on

Valo has a new line dropping thanks to all of you supporters out there!
Keep an eye here on and on October 3rd for our 1st release.

some deals from my hard drive....

Going through my hard drive. I found this picture of Ivan. I miss me a proper pretzel, schnitzel and pils.
Jagstfeld, Germany

these three's inspiration
Robbie, Miguel and Finley
Santa Ana, Ca.

this one was in Heilbronn, Germany..
no description needed

yes migs we will soon eat the greatest ALMOND CROISSANT ever...

My Flash Back Friday: Sample TV 2 from 2008

We didn't release these in 2008 because we had the blue AB model out at the same time. I was thinking about exploring these applications more.
What do you think?

calling it a day..
Santa Ana, Ca.

See you next Friday.
Thanks for visiting!

-Jon Julio



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  • John Kenneth (JK) Glendrange on

    Awesome Saus reading this and get a closer feel to you and your mind behind VALO. Making me more proud to be a part of the VALO-riders world wide.
    But (yes there is a but)!
    If ANYTHING, I would point my finger on the liner in the carbon/light models… Why they are so thin? And why is the heel pad close to non existing?
    I use my 9 year old Sifika liners in my carbon VALOS and the shell is big enough for these fat liners. Making topsides and Royals feel like sitting in a Recliner chair with a beer in your hand. ;)

    So… Why not a co-op with the MyFit dudes and make the FatBoy liners stock in the carbon models? :)

    Anyways! Thank you for being awesomeness!

  • deflori on

    Thank u!

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