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Shredweiser Q and A with Chris Dafick


Things in the works?

We got a whole heep of new things we are working on. We are in the process with a brand new wheel pour that we have high expectations for. Not going to give to much information but we are very stoked to be releasing them this winter along with a new line of tees, custom buttons and pins with illustrations by Austin Barrett. On top of this I have been really putting a lot of time and travels into finishing up our newest Shredweiser Flick "From Beyond".

-Serious tournament

When will "From Beyond" release?  

We have been working on From Beyond for quite sometime and don't want to release it until the vision is met. I was planning to release the video this winter, but it may be looking more like Spring time or early Summer 2017. You know how these things go by now haha. Currently tightening up and fine tuning things, getting the final pieces for sections and trying to make it as proper as humanly possible.

-Billy OnMorningFrontside

-Dafick y su princesa!

Who is on the video?

We have a wide range of homies from all over the globe with clips in the video but of course we have the staple Shredweiser heads... Bolino, Stokley, Matty, Fish, Dafick, Nico, Migs, Jay C, Wild Bill and an onslaught of homies who we have crossed paths with over the years. Needless to say everyone has been going on hard as they always do and am really stoked to be wrapping this video up.

-El New Jersey barrier en Los Angeles

-Gracias Brandon por

How was the Americana Tour?

It's still hard to put this trip into words. 3 months of pure raw ramblin and rollerblading filled with countless memories and hardships. Couldn't of had a better crew out there on the road and also to be with during the passing of the late great Brandon Negrete. It was a trip I will never forget and think about all the time. Those times spent on the road changed my life and many of ours forever.

-Jay pretzel better than you.

-Matty 'orange goblin' transfer

How was the process for Jon Bolino Shredwiser VOD.?

Had a blast putting this one together. Blading and filming with John just comes natural. It's always a fun time and as all of you know he is always killing it on and off the blades.  A few weeks chillin in LA and then 8 or 9 days south of the border in Mexico was a fun one for sure. But he based all that shit in no more than 6 weeks. He's a machine and a hell of a dude to kick it with.

-Capitan Dafick en Venice Beach

-Dafick: Forest Mute

What does Shredweiser stand for?

Shredweiser stands for believing in yourself and living breathing and doing what feels right. Fuck authority rules or expectations, be yourself as a person and always stay true, whether it is on or off the blades. In life in general follow your passions and the things you love whatever they may be.

-Fish in his Natural habitat

-Miguel birthday week in  Slab city

-Matty enjoy the beauty of kern county

-Dafick Airlines

-Bolino- Multitasking

Leave a message to the believers..

Drop your ego and be true to yourself, the friends you love and the people around you. Stand up for what you believe in and don't take shit.

And also get the fuck out there. Get a group of homies together or fuck it go alone. Plan a trip, take the plunge play the game...Follow your dreams.  Do something out of your comfort zone and see where it takes you. You only have one shot at this wild journey called life, so make it count... And have a kick ass time along the way.

-Healthy warm up before da ripp.


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