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Part 4: Themgoods Orange Couch Session with NYC Legend Boschi Pope


Part 4

Part 3

Part 2

Part 1 : An in depth one on one interview with NYC Legend Boschi Pope.
Thanks to Audio  for doing the interview
Filmed by Patrick Enjay

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  • Hype on

    Facts! Nothing wrong that was said.

  • Keiki Alexander Baikey on
    I really miss back in the day skating with Boschi. Back in the day was so much fun as he did describe in the video. If people don’t know about the NYC skating scene back in the day you have missed so much entertainment. John bound was one of the spots in Queens and The first time I met Mike and Boschi was at Mullury skate park in the Bronx with Victor Calendar and Ray Mendez and Jon Ortiz. Those were the best times and develop a family. Then later on Ive met Franco then Fish aka Billy and I can go on and on about it. But Boschi was right, we never start to ourselves that we were better than each other we had our own style I own creativity out only way to make in our family work. Seeing him for the first time in nine years was such a reminder and yes I moved on to Japan and I still love skating but no one is going to take those memories away and we need to bring back the truth into NYC roller scenes once more. Next year I’m going to try to come down and make it for the next skate off.

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